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About us

As our mission is to see you smile, our goal is to make your event planning and conduct stress-free and enjoyable for you and your guests!  Please, allow us to do all the work, while you can sit back and fully enjoy the event.


Imagine an event that meets your every dream and expectation –a perfect time and created memory of satisfaction.  Every event detail will be carefully planned and executed by us:  the menu, settings, flowers, take-home gifts, linen covers for tables and chairs, center pieces, entertainment, friendly staff and much more.  Every detail combined together will unite to create a perfect event that neither you nor your guests will ever forget, an event that will be retained in memories of those who have experienced it for years!


At SMART event planning we are dedicated to setting the golden standard for the whole event industry with our style, creativity and unsurpassed commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work.


We specialize in event planning, consulting, coordinating, conducting and closure.  We will walk you through your event from start to finish, so that only best memories of the event and our part in it will be retained in your memory.


We are committed to make your most memorable moments of your life enjoyable, unforgettable and re-livable in your memory.  Trust our professionals and experts in the field!

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